Faculty and Staff

Faculty Office Hours



Interim Department Chair

Dr. Grace I. Yeh, Interim Chair

Bldg. 47, Rm. 33B 805-756-2957 gyeh@calpoly.edu

Tenured/Tenure Track

Dr. Aubrie Adams Bldg. 47, Rm. 36B 805-756-5997 aadams45@calpoly.edu
Dr. David A. Askay Bldg. 47, Rm. 36A 805-756-2559 daskay@calpoly.edu
Dr. Jnan Blau Bldg. 47, Rm. 36P 805-756-2510 jablau@calpoly.edu
Dr. Bethany A. Conway Bldg. 47, Rm. 36D 805-756-2045


Dr. Anuraj Dhillon Bldg. 47, Rm. 36R 805-756-2650 adhill06@calpoly.edu

Dr. Bernard K. Duffy


Bldg. 47, Rm 36C 805-756-2349 bduffy@calpoly.edu
Dr. Lorraine Jackson Bldg. 47, Rm. 36M 805-756-2463 ljackson@calpoly.edu
Dr. Lauren (Archer) Kolodziejski Bldg. 47, Rm. 36Q 805-756-2535 lkolodzi@calpoly.edu
Dr. Leslie Nelson Bldg. 47, Rm 36N 805-756-2809 lrnelson@calpoly.edu
Dr. Megan Lambertz-Berndt Bldg. 47, Rm36E 805-756-5341 lambertz@calpoly.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Emily Ryalls

ISLA Faculty

Bldg. 47, Rm. 23L 805-756-2909 eryalls@calpoly.edu


Ms. Krista Burke

Staff in Career Services and Part-Time Lecturer in the COMS Department

Bldg. 124, Rm. 104 805-756-6594 kburke02@calpoly.edu

Dr. Sara Jo Daubert

Lecturer in OCOB & Part-Time lecturer in the COMS Department

Bldg. 3, Rm. 316 805-756-7665 sdaubert@calpoly.edu
Mr. Patrick Frisco Bldg46TRm104 805-756-5361 pfrisco@calpoly.edu

Dr. Marion Hart

Part-time Lecturer in the WL&C and COMS Departments

Bldg. 52, Rm. E24C 805-756-1231 mhart03@calpoly.edu
Dr. Nancie J. Hudson Bldg. 74M, B107 805-756-2576 njhudson@calpoly.edu

Ms. Ruth Kalin

Part-time Lecturer in the W&G Studies and COMS Departments

Bldg. 46T, Rm. 103 805-756-7552 rakalin@calpoly.edu
Ms. Leah Katona Bldg. 34, Rm. 238 805-756-2529 lkatona@calpoly.edu
Ms. Lisa Kawamura Bldg. 47, Rm. 21E 805-756-2569 lkawamur@calpoly.edu
Ms. Rebecca Laidlaw Bldg. 52 Rm. E24-D 805-756-2343 rlaidlaw@calpoly.edu
Mr. Martin Mehl Bldg. 22, Rm. 316 805-756-2583 mmehl@calpoly.edu
Vincent Meserko Bldg. 47, Rm. 36C 805-756-2349 vmeserko@calpoly.edu
Mr. Frank Nolan Bldg. 46T, Rm. 101 805-756-2869 fnolan@calpoly.edu
Dr. John Patrick Bldg. 22, Rm. 316 805-756-2583 jopatric@calpoly.edu
Mr. Christopher Skiles Bldg. 22, Rm. 300 805-756-2202 cskiles@calpoly.edu
Ms. Erma Stauffer Bldg. 46TRm. 104 805-756-5361 estauffe@calpoly.edu

Dr. Jodie Steele

Part-time lecturer in the Psychology and COMS Departments

Bldg. 46TRm. 104
805-756-5361 jsteel01@calpoly.edu
Jeremy Teitelbaum Bldg. 46TRm. 101 805-756-2869 jteitelb@calpoly.edu
Dr. Andrea Terry Bldg. 34, Rm. 238 805-756-2529 ajterry@calpoly.edu
Ms. Nina Truch Bldg. 46TRm. 102 805-756-5683 ntruch@calpoly.edu
Ms. Sheree Twisselman Davis Bldg74M , B107 805-756-2576 stwissel@calpoly.edu
Ms. Amy Ward Bldg46TRm. 103 805-756-7552 award10@calpoly.edu
Dr. Ritch Woffinden Bldg. 46T, Rm. 102 805-756-5683 cwoffind@calpoly.edu
Mr. Michael Winn Bldg. 46T, Rm. 103 805-756-7552 mwwinn@calpoly.edu

 Emeriti Faculty

Dr.  James Conway      
Dr. Jon Ericson      
Dr. Michael Fahs      
Dr. Steven McDermott      
Dr. Keith Nielsen      
Dr. Harry Sharp      
Dr. C. Christine Shea      
Dr. Terrence C. Winebrenner      
Dr. Raymond Zeuschner      


Ms. Rocio Alvear Bldg. 47, Rm. 33A 805-756-2554 ralvear@calpoly.edu
Ms. Jen Owen Bldg. 47, Rm. 33C 805-756-2553


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