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  • Public Speaking (CLA)  
  • Principles of Speech Communication (CLA)  
  • Argument and Advocacy (CLA)  
  • Effective Communication Skills for Managers (OCOB) 
  • Literacy, Language & Culture (COSAM) 



  • Research Fellow, Scholar-In-Residence, Center for Ethics in Political & Health Communication, Boston, MA 
  • M.A. Political and Organizational Communication, Emerson College 
  • B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication (Electronic Media Studies), Iowa State University of Science & Technology



Martin is the CEO and Founder of his consulting firm Mentorship Academy, LLC, and the CTO of NEXT Integrative Minds Life Sciences Ltd. He has formed successful strategic partnerships and R&D experience with industry leaders, in particular with Screencast-O-Matic, which provided Cal Poly, at large, with excellent resources during the global pandemic and remote teaching modality. He co-authored the “Effective Learning Award" six-part series “Digital Academic Revolution Mentorship Competency,” which was recognized at the Online Learning Consortiums Innovate and HBCU Affordable Learning Summit in New Orleans, LA alongside his long-term research partner (retired), and friend in Cal Poly’s CTLT Dr. Luanne Fose.   

For the last decade, he has served the Learning and Development community as a thought leader and consultant on mentorship and neuro/digital literacy in both industry and academic institutions. He is a native German and a naturalized US citizen. His strategic communication portfolio for clients includes Adobe, Apple, Audi, Bose, Center for Ethics in Political & Health Communication, Eli Lily, Emerson College, Harvard Medical School, Harvard International, Iowa State University, Lionbridge, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, Perkin Elmer, Unisys, the University of Sydney and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Over the years Martin has presented his research and findings at multiple industries and academic conferences including two CSU systemwide conferences - the Tech Innovation, Education & Exchange Conference and the CSU Symposium on University Teaching. He pioneered and shared his mentorship pedagogy/methodology called “Capturing & Coaching the Learner of the 21st century,” supporting the 2025 Graduation Initiative. He was recognized by his students and peers as the recipient of the inaugural “GE Faculty of the Year” Award in 2012-13 and the only three-time nominee and finalist and the "Teacher of the Year" co-recipient in 2020 during CSU's first year of mandatory remote education. Most recently he was the co-author of the "Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education," which captures the experience of leading educators and professionals in online learning—both at traditional campuses and virtual organizations.

He is the proud dad of twin boys and enjoys swimming, tennis, biking, hiking, and anything that is near or around water trying hard to stay active, healthy, and happy with his family and in touch with his mentees. 



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