Senior Project Requirement Resources

COMS 460 Undergraduate Seminar

  1. Register for COMS 460
    • This course is designed to prepare you to engage in a meaningful senior project learning experience. 
    • You will learn how to choose a project topic and advisor. 
    • This course should be taken prior to enrollment in COMS 461. 
  2. Choose your advisor
    • Work with your COMS 460 professor for instructions regarding how to select an advisor.​​
    • Ask for advice from your advisor on how to get started as early as possible. 

Submitting Your Senior Project

  1. Download Coms Dept Senior Project Paper Template 
    • The cover page is required.
    • You may need to download Microsoft Word to access this document.
    • All Cal Poly users have access to Microsoft Word.
    • To install Microsoft Word, follow these instructions.
  2. Add content of your paper to Senior Project Template
    • Check with your advisor for any additional formatting specifications.
    • Your advisor may prefer APA or MLA style guidelines.
  3. Digitally submit final Senior Project to advisor 
    • Follow your advisor’s instructions regarding how to submit.
    • They may specify to send via email or Canvas.
    • Some projects may include additional files (videos, music, pictures, etc.). 
    • Clearly let your advisor know you have submitted the final project. 
  4. Complete the Coms Senior Exit Survey
    • Follow the link above to submit/verify your information as a graduate. 
  5. Optional: Submit final Senior Project to Library Digital Commons
    • Students can make their senior project available to the public and searchable via the library.
    • This is not required, but we highly encourage this practice.
    • To submit your project to the Library Digital Commons, follow these additional instructions.
  6. Smile! You are done.
    • Congratulations and good luck in all your future endeavors.
    • Don't forget your Alma Mater!

Additional Resources

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