Senior Project Requirement Resources

COMS 460 Undergraduate Seminar

  1. Choose your advisor. Complete the Communication Studies Senior Project Advising Agreement Form and submit it to your COMS 460 professor
  2. Human Subjects. Projects such as surveys and questionnaires that involve the study of human subjects will need to complete the Printable Human Subjects Research Approval Form and submit it to the office of the Human Subjects Committee (043-353). Plan to complete this step early as the approval process can take up to two weeks and you will need time to administer your tests. 
  3. Ask for Help! Visit your project advisor and the Writing Center for answers and direction

Submitting Your Senior Project

  1. Pay. If you decide to submit your senior project to the library, visit the Cashiers' Office (01-131E) and pay a $12 processing fee. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT, and turn it in with your final project.
  2. Print.
  3. Bind it. Purchase a black folder from the bookstore. Let the staff know you are submitting your senior project and they will direct you to the proper folder.
  4. Label it. Use the Label Template or create your own to affix to the front of your senior project folder. Labels can also be purchased from the bookstore.
  5. Submit hard copy. Place your labeled folder which binds your senior project, title page and COMS submission form in a manila envelope. Then add your University senior project requirement form with receipt stapled (if applicable).
  6. Submit electronic copy. (Optional). 
    • Visit the Digital Commons Web Page
    • Log in with your My Cal Poly account
    • Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Select Continue.
    • Complete the form and submit!
  7. Smile! You are done. Congratulations and good luck in all your future endeavors. Don't forget your Alma Mater!

Additional Resources

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