Communication Studies Club

The mission of COMS Club is to share the power of communication through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), mentorship, and community. We hope to encourage and support Cal Poly students and the COMS community, as a whole, to join a welcoming and equitable space while exploring the realm of Communication Studies. We engage our students professionally with mentors, professors, and COMS alumni to make impactful connections. Finally, our club holds the highest standard of accessibility and inclusion to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Cal Poly COMS Club is a community thriving with intellectual minds to “appreciate the influences of culture upon their lives.”

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Club Goals

  • Stimulate interest in the field of communication
  • Establish and maintain close relationships between students and faculty
  • Keep students involved in the major and the university
  • Recognize, foster, and reward outstanding academic achievement
  • Promote and encourage professional development among communication students
  • Maintain and improve the unique Communication Studies Department community

Club Activities

Club meetings are designed to offer club members academic, professional, and social opportunities. We hold various academic workshops, invite guest speakers to discuss career or internship opportunities, and create social events to bring our COMS community together. The club holds several events throughout the year such as Career Symposium and Communication Studies Department banquet, in addition to other inclusive events throughout the year. Our club provides an engaging, nurturing, and fun way to network and learn about all the exciting things the Communication Studies field and COMS community has to offer. COMS Club also houses the local chapter of Lambda Pi Eta (LPH), the National Communication Association’s (NCA) official honor society.

Club Fees

Check out our website for more details on club fees and membership here:

Club Officers




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President Shelby Wong
Co-President Michelle Pineda
Treasurer and Program Director Chelsie Lui
Anika Maney Secretary Anika Maney
Samantha McKinley Public Relations Chair Samantha McKinley

Announcements and Upcoming Events

2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

First meeting is September 23 at 11:10AM via Zoom. Check out our club Instagram for the Zoom link the day of, and more information about our club. We hope to meet you soon!

Our meeting dates

Fall 2020:

COMS Club Fall 2020 Meeting Schedule   Meeting# Date Meeting Topic
Meeting 1 9/23 Welcome to COMS Club Meeting
Meeting 2 9/30 What is COMS? Mentorship Meeting 
Meeting 3 10/7 Mentorship Meeting 1: Meet your mentor!
Meeting 4 10/14 Voter Registration
Meeting 5 10/21 Zoom Etiquette
Meeting 6 10/28 Schedule Builder Session Mentorship Meeting 2
Meeting 7 11/4 Mentorship Meeting 3: Prof Panel Meeting
Meeting * 8 11/18 Party! Mentorship Meeting 4: Quarter Recap & Celebration Events

*Note: Meeting/Event 8 is a combined event

Additional Events

Events Event # Date Topic
Event 1 9/18 COMS Club & Lamda Pi Eta Welcome Back  
Event* 8 11/18 Party! Mentorship Meeting 4: Quarter Recap & Celebration


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