Other Minors

To complement a student's major in the Communication Studies Department, students have the option to pursue any minor offered at Cal Poly.  Students who desire a supplemental academic program may consider minoring in an area that best suits their own particular interests. 

Minor certification will vary in the number of required and elective units depending on the department. Students who choose to minor in a discipline outside of Communication Studies should contact the department they are interested in directly to find out the appropriate procedures. 

Example Minors

  • Agricultural Communications Minor
  • Anthropology and Geography Minor
  • Asian Studies Minor 
  • Child Development Minor
  • City and Regional Planning Minor
  • English Minor
  • Environmental Studies Minor
  • Ethnic Studies Minor
  • Ethics, Public Policy, Science and Technology Minor
  • Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology Minor
  • Global Politics Minor
  • Graphic Communications Minor
  • History Minor
  • Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment Minor
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Minor
  • Italian Studies Minor
  • Land Rehabilitation and Restoration Ecology Minor
  • Latin American Studies Minor
  • Law and Society Minor 
  • Linguistics Minor
  • Media Arts, Society and Technology Minor
  • Photography Minor
  • Plant Protection
  • Political Science
  • Psychology Minor 
  • Queer Studies Minor
  • Religious Studies Minor
  • Sales Minor
  • Science and Risk Communication Minor
  • Sociology Minor
  • Statistics Minor
  • Western Intellectual Tradition Minor
  • Women’s and Gender Studies Minor    

Example Language Minors

  • French Minor
  • German Minor
  • Spanish Minor 

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