Cal Poly Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta Reactivated

Lambda Pi Eta members 2018

The Communication Studies Department is excited to see the reactivation of Lambda Pi Eta (LPH), a national Communication Honors Society. The organization recognizes communication studies students who have reached junior standing while maintaining a 3.25 GPA or higher in the major and a 3.0 GPA overall. The chapter fell dormant for a few years, but as of 2016 has re-emerged as an important facet of student engagement within the department. In 2016, efforts focused on getting the chapter re-established and inducting a starting cohort of 11 students.

Under the guidance of LPH President Allie Blaising and Vice President Max Reichardt, in 2017 the chapter worked to re-establish a presence in the department, hosting several events throughout the year. The aim of these events was both to create a supportive community among LPH members and to provide valuable resources to help members grow academically, professionally and personally.

One overarching goal for LPH’s first year was to ensure that the club continually provided members with valuable tools to complement and advance their communication studies education. Over the course of the year, a theme emerged: conveying the value of a communication degree. As a way of exploring this topic, students reflected on the critical insights they gained and the practical skills they acquired during their time in the department. By the end of the year, members walked away with resources and confidence to recognize and communicate the value of their communication studies major in concrete ways (e.g., tailoring their resume, pitching to recruiters at the career fair, etc.).

This past spring, the chapter inducted 11 new members and celebrated the accomplishments of the 11 members graduating that spring. The chapter also elected new officers: President Maddy Whittaker, Vice President Lexie O’Neil and Social Media/Communication Manager Gabby Epstein. LPH is looking forward to another great year of growth and community building under their guidance.

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