University Awards and End of the Year Celebration

As the 2018-2019 academic school year comes to a close, Communication Studies faculty and students take time to celebrate some notable department achievements.  

Senior Communication Studies Student, Emily Bernstein, was the recipient of the College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Senior award for the Comm Studies Department. Each year, the university recognizes outstanding students for their academic performance and contributions beyond the classroom. Emily was selected as the recipient of this award by the Communication Studies faculty due to her numerous service activities and academic achievements in the Department. Among some of Emily’s accomplishments, she served as the Communication Studies Club President (2017-2018), was the winner of the McCall Award for Best Undergraduate Research Paper at the CSU Annual Social Science Student Symposium (2018), and organized the Communication Studies Career Symposium (2019).  Emily was recognized with a certificate of achievement at the 2019 College of Liberal Arts Student Award Ceremony Friday, June 14. Congratulations Emily Bernstein!


Dr. Lauren Kolodziejski was the recipient of the 2018-19 Outstanding Faculty Advisor of the Year Award.  The Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award is designed to recognize a faculty member who has had a positive influence on students through academic advising. As highlighted in the nominations received, Kolodziejski had a great impact on the success of her students, fostered professional growth, and encouraged them to strive for success both personally and academically. She has served as an advisor for students’ senior projects, encouraged and mentored students through the law school application process, and provided support for students during times of stress.  She will be recognized at the Fall Conference general session in September, will receive a cash stipend, and will have an award citation posted in Kennedy Library. For more information on this year’s outstanding faculty awardee as well as past winners, visit the Academic Advising website. Congratulations, Dr. Lauren Kolodziejski! 


Dr. Richard Besel was honored with a plaque in dedication to his service to the Science and Technology Studies (STS) Minor Program. Dr. Besel has served as the director of the STS Minors Program as well as a member of the Executive Committee. The STS Minors Program prepares students for success in interdisciplinary careers; Through team-based “Learn by Doing” experiences, STS minors work with students and faculty from across campus and engage with project partners in the community and around the world. At the end of the 2018-2019 academic school year, Dr. Besel will also be stepping down from his role as the Communication Studies Department Chair and taking a new position as the Director of the School of Communications at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.  Congratulations, Dr. Besel! 

Finally, the Communication Studies faculty and staff gathered to celebrate end of the year achievements together with a picnic at Cuesta Canyon Park.  This event was organized by the Comm Studies Social Committee and included time for faculty members to play games, enjoy lunch, and reflect on their teaching and learning accomplishments throughout the school year. Congratulations Communication Studies students, faculty, and staff for another strong academic year in the books and happy graduation to our seniors!

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