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Bethany Conway-Silva - January 18, 2018

Two of my senior project students have shared great news in the last two months:

Rachael Katz was accepted to graduate school at Northwestern, where she will pursue a Ph.D. in communication.

Ayda Tahmasbi’s senior project was accepted for presentation at the Western States Communication Association Undergraduate Scholars Research Conference in Santa Clara.

Emily Ryalls

Emily Ryalls, Ph.D. published a new article:

Ryalls, Emily D. "Camping the 'post' on Scream Queens," Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 2017.

Aubrie Adams

Dr. Aubrie Adams published a book chapter:

Dunbar, N. E., & Adams, A. (2017). Dyadic power theory: Dominance and power in family communication. In D. O. Braithwaite, E. Suter, & K. Floyd (Eds.), Engaging theories in family communication (2nd edition). New York, NY: Routledge.

Bernard Duffy

Dr. Bernard Duffy published an article:

Duffy, Bernard K. and Ronald H. Carpenter, "The Case Against 'Extempore' Eloquence in MacArthur's Farewell to Cadets at West Point," ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews, 30 (2017): 52-57.

Lisa Kawamura

"Lisa Kawamura is a member of the ‘Diversity and Inclusion in the Curriculum Program’ a competitive program that creates a community of colleagues who collaborate to deepen their knowledge of diversity principles and to expand their repertoire of inclusive teaching practices. Those accepted will have the following opportunities to develop insights and skills for supporting students’ development into professionals and citizens who are better prepared to succeed in a diverse world. With the support of CTLT, OUDI and participant colleagues throughout the program as well as the experiences in the institute and workshops, participants will gain scholarly and personal insights into diversity and inclusivity as an educator in their discipline and as a member of the campus community.”

Martin Mehl

Along with Co-Researcher and Co-Author Luanne Fose they will both be officially recognized at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) "Innovate/HBCU Affordable Learning Summit" in New Orleans, LA in April with the “2017 Effective Practice Award” for their Digital Mentorship Pedagogy. Big Nerd Software, LLC a Seattle based software company and owner of the Screencast-O-Matic © software will sponsor their travel to New Orleans to be able to receive the award in person and the opportunity to present and share their research during a post keynote breakout session. The published articles of their award winning research can be downloaded at the OLC Research Center for Digital Learning and Leadership

In March 2017 they also have the opportunity to present their research focusing on primary and secondary education at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) Conference in Austin, Texas. Their session is titled "Fusing Mentorship with Common Core Standards Through Asynchronous Screencasting Feedback.” This academic term he also serves in the Information Literacy Learning Community with the Academic Programs & Planning division and collaborates with the School of Education’s Dr. Roberta Herter integrating the Digital Mentorship in the Single Subject Credential curriculum.

David Askay

David Askay presented a paper entitled "A Conceptual Framework for Investigating Organizational Control and Resistance in Crowd-Based Platforms" at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) this past winter. Below is the abstract:

This paper presents a research agenda for crowd behavior research by drawing from the organizational control literature. It addresses the need for research into the organizational and social structures that guide user behavior and contributions in crowd-based platforms. Crowd behavior is situated within a conceptual framework of organizational control. This framework helps scholars more fully articulate the full range of control mechanisms operating in crowd-based platforms, contextualizes these mechanisms into the context of crowd-based platforms, challenges existing rational assumptions about incentive systems, and clarifies theoretical constructs of organizational control to foster stronger integration between information systems research and organizational and management science.

Also in January, David was selected to join the Workshop on Work, Labor, and Automation at the Data & Society Institute in New York. This workshop was comprised of competitively selected scholars to discuss the intersection of technology and work/labor, particularly how to maximize interdisciplinary thinking about the evolving and societally important issues surrounding data-driven technologies.

Megan Lambertz-Berndt

Presented a session during the Inclusion Starts with Me Week titled “White Affinity Groups: Fostering Allyship not Guilt.”

Presenting a session titled “Intergroup Communication: Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable” for the CTLT's Instructional Innovation Showcase next week.

Vincent Meserko

Vince Meserko will be presenting research at the "What is Life?" Conference in Portland April 6-8. He was also recently awarded a research fellowship for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Library & Archives from the Center for Popular Music Studies at Case Western Reserve University. He will be conducting his research June 19-23.


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