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Green Voices, Edited by Dr. Besel and Dr. Duffy Published

Green Voices, Defending Nature and the Environment in American Civic Discourse, edited by Dr. Besel and Dr. Duffy, was published by the State University of New York Press earlier this month. 

Green VoicesBesel and Duffy begin with the assumption that the speeches of environmental leaders are social repositories that allow us to glean reflections about then-prevailing attitudes and ideas. In addition to better understanding the contribution of environmentalists to American intellectual and social history, the study of their spoken words also assists in appreciating the diverse and important roles of communication in human-nature relationships. 

The essays written for this book address important-yet relatively unknown or unexamined-speeches delivered by famous or influential environmental figures. In other words, this collection examines the broad sweep of U.S. environmental history from the perspective of natures' leading advocates. 

Richard D. Besel is Associate Professor of Communication Studies and coeditor (with Jnan A. Blau) of Performance on Behalf of the Environment. Bernard K. Duffy is Professor and Department Chair of Communication Studies  and coeditor (with Richard W. Leeman) of The Will of a People: A Critical Anthology of Great African American Speeches. (

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