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VISIBLE by Guest Speaker - Dr. Paul Leonardi

Paul LeonardiThursday, October 27th
​4:00 - 5:30 PM
UU 207 (Chumash Right)


Visible: How Spying, Eavesdropping and Self-Promotion Can Lead to Innovation in the Digital Age 

New technologies are making people's work increasingly visible. Through the use of communal data repositories people can wee what work their coworkers are doing and through the use of social networking sites people can see with whom those coworkers communicate. This increasing visibility of work and communication has a variety of effects - both positive and negative - on innovation. Through a series of studies of automotive engineers, mobile app designers, bankers, and telecommunications professionals, Dr. Leonardi builds a theory of communication visibility that helps to explain how the increasing social transparency of the workplace is changing organizations and the lives of those who work in them. 

Paul Leonardi (Ph.D., Stanford University) is a Professor of Technology Management at UC Santa Barbara. He is a Duca Family Endowed Chair and the Founding Director of the Inventment Group of Santa Barbara's Master of Technology Management (MTM) Program. See more information here

Discover two of his published books - 

Technology Choices: Why Occupations Differ in Their Embrace of New Technology 

Car Crashes without Cars: Lessons about Simulation Technology and Organizational Change from Automotive Design


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