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Professor Gonzalez is a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo since fall 2021. She is a California State University, Northridge alum, receiving both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Josie Gonzalez serves as a lecturer for the Communication Studies Department at CSUN where she has been since 2011. In addition to her work as an instructor, Ms. Gonzalez is the Director for The Communication for Youth Institute— a service learning program that teaches community youth public speaking skills. Additionally, Josie is a University Supervisor for the School of Education at Cal Poly. Professor Gonzalez's areas of interest include behavioral science, communication theory, interpersonal communication and communication education. Her research agenda seeks to expand knowledge on the neuroscience of interpersonal communication as it relates to Uncertainty Reduction Theory and Attachment Theory. 

Josie is a proud mom of two daughters (born July 2016 and February 2019). She enjoys learning about neuro science and the developing brain, gardening, writing, and of course, a good cup of coffee.


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