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COMS Faculty in the News

Senior Banquet 2017

The Senior Banquet was held at the San Luis Country Club on May 19. Camille Lethcoe won the department Outstanding Senior Award. Annie Welden won the department Outstanding Academic Achievement award. Camille and Annie were the co-recipients of the department Outstanding Service award. The students selected Dr. Lauren Kolodziejski as the Outstanding Teacher in Major Classes. A faculty committee selected Dr. Vincent Meserko and Dr. Jodie Steele as the Outstanding Teachers in General Education Classes. Dr. B. Christine Shea, who is retiring after more than 30 years of service at Cal Poly, was recognized as was Dr. Cassandra Carlson, who is leaving Cal Poly for a new position at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina.

Lisa Kawamura

Lisa Kawamura was selected as a finalist for the President's Diversity Award. President Jeffrey Armstrong and the Inclusive Excellence Counsel honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the President’s Diversity Imperatives.


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