Faculty Awards

University Awards

Outstanding Faculty Advisor of the Year Award

Lauren Kolodziejski, 2018-2019

Distinguished Teaching Award

Susan Duffy, 1992-1993

David Henry, 1997-1998

Bernard Duffy, 2002-2003 

Michael Fahs, 2007-2008

Distinguished Scholarship Award

Bernard Duffy, 2012-2013

President's Community Service Award

Nina Truch, 2004-2005

Outstanding Service to the University Award

Lorraine Jackson, 2012-2013

College of Liberal Arts Awards

CLA Club Council Award, Instructor of the Year

Chris Skiles, 2015-2016

CLA Honored Teacher

Mike Fahs, 1993-1994

Early Career Award for Achievement in Teaching

Richard Besel, 2015-2016

Outstanding Lecturer Award

Sue Brock, 2014-2015

B. Christine Shea, 2012-2013

Richard K. Simon Award for Outstanding Teaching

Bernard Duffy, 2009-2010

Richard K. Simon Award for Outstanding Scholarship

Richard Besel, 2012-2013

Bernard Duffy, 2000-2001

Richard K. Simon Award for Outstanding Service

Bernard Duffy, 2017-2018

James Conway, 2005-2006

California Faculty Association Awards 

Distinguished Educator Award

Jnan Blau, 2011-2012

Richard Besel, 2009-2010

Distinguished Lecturer Award

Susan Brock, 2009-2010

B. Christine Shea, 2001-2002

Living Learning Community University Housing Awards

Faculty Scholar of the Year Award

Erma Stauffer, 2009-2010

Susan Brock, 2005-2006

Outstanding Lecturer Award

B. Christine Shea, 2001-2002

Communication Studies Department Awards

Outstanding Educator Award in General Education Classes

Vincent Meserko, 2016-2017

Jodie Steele, 2016-2017

B. Christine Shea, 2015-2016

Erma Stauffer, 2014-2015

Sheree Twisselman-Davis, 2013-2014

Susan Brock, 2012-2013

Martin Mehl, 2012-2013

Outstanding Educator Award in Major Classes

Lauren Kolodziejski, 2016-2017

Jnan Blau, 2015-20106

Lauren Kolodziejski, 2014-2015

Richard Besel, 2013-2014

Chris Skiles, 2012-2013

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