Dr. Kolodziejski Receives Outstanding Faculty Award at Fall Convocation

In starting the new academic school year, the Communication Studies department is honored to celebrate Dr. Lauren Kolodziejski.  Dr. Kolodziejski was the recipient of the 2018-19 Outstanding Faculty Advisor of the Year Award.  Presentation of her award was given at the Fall 2019 Convocation event with an address given by Cal Poly President, Jeffrey D. Armstrong.  

The Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award is designed to recognize a faculty member who has had a positive influence on students through academic advising. As highlighted in the nominations received, Kolodziejski had a great impact on the success of her students, fostered professional growth, and encouraged them to strive for success both personally and academically. She has served as an advisor for students’ senior projects, encouraged and mentored students through the law school application process, and provided support for students during times of stress.  She was recently recognized at the Fall Conference general session. For more information on this year’s outstanding faculty awardees as well as past winners, visit the Academic Advising website. In addition, a video of the event is available at the Fall Convocation page.  Congratulations, Dr. Lauren Kolodziejski!

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