Dr. Adams Featured on Local KSBY News

Communication Studies Professor Dr. Aubrie Adams was interviewed by local KSBY 6 News to offer expert analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of removing “likes” from Instagram. 

In the news story, KSBY’s Melissa Newman examined Instagram as one social media tool that is considering removing likes from user's news feeds.  The reason why Instagram has been considering this update is because the company is looking to improve mental health for people who may be engaging in social comparison with others. 

In examining the benefits and drawbacks of removing likes, Dr. Aubrie Adams acknowledges that “it’s probably not particularly healthy to be comparing the worst parts of your life to the best parts of someone else's life.”  But that still, “We also have to think what are we losing then if people can't see quantitative likes; maybe we are losing that sense of community or losing that sense of what other people like as well."  To read more information about the news story and see a clip from the interview, visit the KSBY news page

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