Coms Student Spotlight: Julianna Quihuiz

The Communication Studies department is proud to spotlight the fabulous work and service of one of our current students, Julianna Quihuiz, who has recently started a new Club at Cal Poly that promotes Sustainable Fashion.

Julianna Quihuiz recently partnered with fellow Cal Poly student, Sophia Rivera, to launch their new Sustainable Fashion Club

According to Julianna, the club focuses on “Cal Poly students for social justice and ecological integrity in fashion.”  Sustainable Fashion is a campus-wide social club whose mission is to promote education on sustainable practices, inspire diverse forms of artistry, and foster an inclusive community.  

Julianna shared with us what inspired her to start this club noting that: "My love for fashion is genetic. My grandmother went to fashion school in Guadalajara and my mom always told me that the right outfit gave you the confidence to take on the world. When I came to Cal Poly, I was surprised that a club centered around fashion didn’t already exist. Freshman year I met my best friend and current roommate, Sophia Rivera, who has always inspired me to be more conscious of the social and environmental impact that my clothing choices have. Together, we took the initiative to set the building blocks for a community of sustainable fashion lovers like ourselves."

Throughout the quarter, the club will be hosting bi‐weekly educational zoom meetings focusing on different topics such as SLO Thrifting Etiquette, Marginalized Communities & Sustainable Fashion, Breaking the Gender Binary in Fashion, and more!  They will also be hosting virtual community events. 

Their first event is the Crafting Hangout + Hot Topic Discussion: Decolonizing Fashion happening via Zoom on Monday, October 12 from 6:30pm‐8:00pm.

Julianna also notes the ways in which being a Coms major helped prepare her for organizing and starting this new club: “I have absolutely applied many concepts I’ve learned in COMS while preparing to launch the club. Most noticeably, strong verbal and written communication skills were essential in the process of getting our club officially recognized by ASI. This process included writing the club bylaws, submitting our charter, communication with our board members, leading club meetings, and, overall, solidifying the organization of the club.” 

To learn more about the Sustainable Fashion Club, follow them on Instagram!

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