Coms Student Bryanna T. Gay Publishes Original Essay

The Communication Studies Department is proud to announce that one of our students in the major, Bryanna Gay, has recently had an original essay published in this year’s edition of Fresh Voices: College Composition at Cal Poly.

Students enrolled in last year’s ENGL 133, 134, and 145 classes were invited to submit their essays for publication consideration. Only 16% of the essays submitted (over 200) were selected.  Fresh Voices has become a staple text in first-year writing courses, which means the essays will be read by thousands of students. 

Bryanna’s essay was written in her ENG 134 class and was originally assigned by her professor, Lisa Coffman. For this assignment, Bryanna wrote about her experience in joining the Black Student Union (BSU). The essay explores the history of the BSU including research on why it so important for Black scholars. The goal of the paper is to inform people of their privileges and encourage open-mindedness.  Her inspiration for writing on this topic is rooted in responding to the racist blackface incident that occurred at Cal Poly in April 2018. Bryanna is motivated to help teach people how these events affect minority students as well as all members in our community. 

In recognition of Bryanna’s work, she will be attending the Fresh Voices Awards Reception on Friday, Oct. 25, 4-5:30.  Congratulations Bryanna! 

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