Coms Faculty Attend 105th Annual NCA Convention

Communication Studies faculty members head to Baltimore, Maryland next week to attend the 105th Annual convention of the National Communication Association. 

Faculty in attendance will be presenting original research, sharing best practices in teaching, participating in academic service opportunities, and networking with scholars.  Scheduled conference appearance and speaking events for faculty members include the following:  

Dr. Jnan Blau

  • (Re)Enchanting Performance Studies: Surviving Academic Life Via An Embrace of Magic (Role: Presenter)

Dr. Anuraj Dhillon

  • Exploring the Effects of Testosterone and Romantic Partners’ Perceptions of Accommodation During Conflict on Relational Uncertainty (Role: Author)
  • Survival in the Time of #Commsowhite: Mentoring, Networking and Building Community as Asian/Pacific American Scholars (Role: Presenter)
  • Enacted Relational Maintenance Behaviors in Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Romantic Relationships (Co-Author)
  • Interpersonal Communication and Health: Reviews and Research (Role: Chair)

Dr. Megan Lambertz-Berndt 

  • Identity Markers: Who are we? (Role: Author)

Dr. Vincent Meserko

  • Surviving and Thriving Across the Discipline in an Era of STEM (Role: Presenter)

Dr. Leslie Nelson

  • Communicating Loss within and/or about the Family: Competitive Papers within Interpersonal Communication (Role: Chair)
  • Diversifying "Home": Aged Out Foster Youths' Discursive Constructions of "Home" (Role: Author)
  • The Life Boat Activity: Ethics, Persuasion, and Group Communication in Action (Role: Author)
  • Talking about Survival, Life, and Death: Examining Different Family Perspectives (Role: Respondent)

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